Thursday, October 1, 2015

Stonehenge Setlist 9/25/15!

Full show tonight and a great CRA lined up! The second studio album from everyone's favorite Irish boys, Thin Lizzy! 'Shades Of A Blue Orphanage' was released in 1972 and here is a favorite cut off the album!

Setlist 9/25/15

Can - Ege Bamyasi -- Vitamin C
Zior - Every Inch A Man -- Strange Kind of Magic
Kahn - Space Shanty -- Break the Chains
Jerusalem - Jerusalem -- Kamikazi Moth
Gentle Giant - Octopus -- A Cry for Everyone
Big Brother & the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills -- Combination of the Two
Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf -- The Pusher
Keef Hartley - Overdog -- Overdog
Ten Years After - A Space In Time -- One of These Days
Stoneground - Family -- Passion Flower
The Move - Looking On -- Open Up Said the World at the Door
Scorpions - In Trance -- In Trance
Mountain - Twin Peaks -- Blood of the Sun
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath -- The Warning
Alice Cooper - Love It To Death -- Is It My Body
McChurch Soundroom - Delusion -- Time Is Flying
Jethro Tull – 20 years of Tull-- Stormy Monday Blues
Jethro Tull – 20 years of Tull -- Love Story
Jethro Tull - 20 Years Of Tull -- Lick Your Fingers Clean
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past -- Life Is a Long Song
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past -- Up the 'Pool
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past -- Dr. Bogenbroom
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past -- From Later
Jethro Tull - Benefit -- To Cry You a Song
Kleptomania - single -- Kept Woman
Dust - Dust -- Often Shadows Felt
Love - Forever Changes -- Alone Again Or
George Harrison - Living In The Material World -- Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
Faust - Faust IV -- Jennifer
Gryphon - Midnight Mushrumps -- Gulland Rock
Led Zeppelin - III -- That's the Way
Man - Rhinos, Winos, And Lunatics -- Scotch Corner
Tempest - Living In Fear -- Turn Around
Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself -- Look at Yourself
Janus - Gravedigger -- Red Sun

Stonehenge Setlist 9/18/15!

Tonight's CRA was the 1971 jazz-rock fusion classic Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express! Dr. Rock here at the studio solo tonight, we had a late start due to sports but that didn't stop him from throwing this great album on in it's entirety still. Here's an excerpt!

Setlist 9/18/15:

Manfred Mann – The Mighty Quinn – Cubist Town
Mountain – Climbing – For Yasgurs Farm
Colosseum – Daughter of Time – Theme for an Imaginary Western
James Gang – Rides Again – Funk 49 / Asshton Park / Woman
The Flock – The Flock – Tired of Waiting
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are you Experienced – Third Stone From the Sun / Foxy Lady / Are you Experienced?
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Live – Fanfare / Faith Healer
Clear Light – Clear Light – Black Roses
The American Dream – The American Dream – Big Brother
Procol Harum – Shine on Brightly – In Held Twas In I
Paul Kantner’s Jefferson Starship – Blows Against the Empire – Home / Have you seen the Stars tonight?
Colin Blunstone – Journey – Beginning / Keep the curtains closed today
Dreams – Imagine My Surprise – Medicated Goo
NRBQ – NRBQ – C’mon everybody
Tranquility – Silver – Couldn’t Possibly Be
Mick Abrahams – Mick Abrahams – Greyhound Bus


So somehow we skipped this setlist a few weeks ago. Our bad! Here it is, we had a game or something so there was a short show and it was just Jen rockin the airwaves.

Setlist 8/25/15

Jo Jo Gunne - Jo Jo Gunne -- Shake That Fat
Egg - S/T -- Fugue in D Minor
The Band - Music From Big Pink -- Chest Fever
Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck -- Afternoon Out
The Iron Maiden - Maiden Voyage '68-'70 -- Falling
Aum - Bluesvibes -- You Can't Hide
Gong - Camembert Electrique -- Tried So Hard
Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time -- Assault & Battery/The Golden Void
Bang - Death Of A Country -- My Window
Blonde On Blonde - Rebirth -- Circles
Camel - Moonmadness -- Song Within a Song
Blossom Toes - We Are Ever So Clean -- Look At Me I'm You
Blossom Toes - If Only For A Moment -- Love Bomb
Electric Food - Electric Food Ft. Lucifer's Friend -- Whole Lotta Love
Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy -- Clown on a Rope
UFO - UFO 2: Flying -- Silver Bird
Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride -- Nantucket Sleighride

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stonehenge Set 9/11/15

Reunited and it feels so good! Dr. Rock AND Jen back in the studio tonight with a full 4 hour show! The CRA tonight was a classic indeed, as well, none other than the 1969 release by Humble Pie, Town and Country! Here is Jen's favorite cut, their Buddy Holly cover of "Heartbeat". Enjoy!

Setlist 9/11/15

Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow -- They Need A Million
Life - Life -- Sailing in the Sunshine
Jethro Tull - This Was -- My Sunday Feeling
Iron Butterfly - Heavy -- Unconscious Power
The Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head -- Whiskey Woman
Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On -- Rattlesnake Shake
Rod Stewart - The Rod Stewart Album -- Blind Prayer
Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation -- Triad
The Golden Earring - Eight Miles High -- Landing
Grand Funk - Shinin' On -- Shinin' On
Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green -- 50,000 Miles Beneath my Brain
It's A Beautiful Day - It's A Beautiful Day -- White Bird
Spirit - Spirit -- Fresh Garbage
The Moody Blues - On The Threshold Of A Dream -- Lovely To See You
The Wilde Flowers - single -- Impotence
Caravan - Waterloo Lily -- The Love in Your Eye
Neil Young - Neil Young -- What Did You Do To My Life
Heads Hands + Feet - Old Soldiers Never Die -- One Woman
The Illinois Speed Press - The Illinois Speed Press -- Beauty
Roy Harper - When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease -- Referendum (Legend)
Strawbs - Grave New World -- Tomorrow
Rick Wakeman - The Six Wives Of Henry VIII -- Catherine of Aragon
Pink Fairies - What A Bunch Of Sweeties -- Walk Don't Run
Thin Lizzy - Fighting -- For Those Who Love To Live
Deep Purple - Fireball -- Fireball
Hawkwind - Space Ritual -- Orgone Accumulator
Human Instinct - Stoned Guitar -- Idea
Stray Dog - Stray Dog -- Tramp (How It Is)
Rare Bird - Rare Bird -- Beautiful Scarlet/Sympathy
Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny And Mutation -- The Red And The Black
Peter Banks - Two Sides Of -- Knights

Friday, September 11, 2015

Stonehenge 9/4/15

This week Dr. Rock holds down the throne alone and sports intercept once again. Here's how the jams went that night:

Setlist 9/4/15

The Byrds - Fifth Dimension  -- Hey Joe
The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday -- Everybody's Been Burned
The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers -- Natural Harmony
Fat - Fat -- Mine Eyes Have Seen 
Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes --  Easy To Slip/Cold Cold Cold
Gypsy - Antithesis -- Young Gypsy
Crabby Appleton - Crabby Appleton -- Peace By Peace
Michael Fennelly - Lane Changer -- Dark Night
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds -- Free Four
Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow -- Today
Steeple Chase - Lady Bright -- Wrought Iron Man
13th Floor Elevators - Psychedelic  Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators -- You're Gonna Miss Me
Fleetwood Mac - English Rose -- One Sunny Day
Chicken Shack - Accept -- Pocket
Taste - On The Boards -- Railway and Gun
Chicken Shack - Accept -- Diary of your Life
Taste - On The Boards -- I'll Remember
Fleetwood Mac - English Rose -- Albatross
Mark Almond - Rising -- Riding Free
Canned Heat - Future Blues -- So Sad
Jimi Hendrix - War Heroes -- Bleeding Heart/Highway Chile
Pete Bardens - Write My Name In The Dust -- Down So Long
Ten Years After - Watt -- I'm Coming On
Kak - Kak -- Everything's Changing
The Stooges - Funhouse -- Funhouse
Jeff Beck - Truth -- I Ain't Superstitious 
Beck, Bogart, Appice - S/T -- Black Cat Moan/Lady
Santana - Borboletta -- Here and Now/Flor de Camilla/Promises of a Fisherman
Barclay James Harvest - Once Again -- She Said
Argent - Nexus -- Thunder and Lightning
Leon Russell and Marc Benno - Asylum Choir 2 -- Ballad For A Soldier

Friday, August 21, 2015

Stonehenge 8/21/15

Mighty sad that Dr. Rock isn't in the studio tonight but it is his birthday weekend, after all, and he is running a marathon for a great cause--so tonight is dedicated to him and all his awesomeness! The CRA tonight is a funky little band from Britain called May Blitz, self  titled release from 1970. Here is an excerpt from the album, a song we play often on the show because it rules. 

Setlist 8/21/15

Brainbox -  Brainbox -- Dark Rose
Czar - Tread Softly On My Dreams
Alice Cooper - Love It To Death -- Is It My Body
Blue Oyster Cult -  Blue Oyster Cult -- Then Came The Last Days Of May
Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow -- The Need A Million
Hawkwind - Space Ritual -- Space Is Deep
Rare Bird - Rare Bird -- Beautiful Scarlet
Leaf Hound - Growers Of Mushroom -- Stagnant Pool
Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky -- My Heaven
Blodwyn Pig - Getting To This -- See My Way
Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow -- Scatterbrain
Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday -- The Magician's Birthday
The Turtles - The Turtles Present The Battle Of The Bands -- You Showed Me
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II -- Thank You
Blackfeather - At The Mountains Of Madness -- Seasons Of Change Pt.1/Long Legged Lovely
Ten Years After - Recorded Live -- Choo Choo Mama
Grand Funk Railroad - Grand Funk -- Inside Lookin Out
Budgie - In For The Kill -- In For The Kill
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak -- Angel From The Coast
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You -- I Can't Take No More
The Byrds - Fifth Dimension -- Eight Miles High
Dark - Dark Round The Edges -- R.C.8
Status Quo - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo -- Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On -- Coming Your Way/Closing My Eyes
H.P. Lovecraft - H. P. Lovecraft -- The White Ship
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King -- I Talk To The Wind
Spirit - Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus -- Nature's Way
Bolder Damn - Mourning -- Dead Meat
Fever Tree - Fever Tree -- Man Who Paints The Pictures
Harumi - Harumi -- Hunters Of Heaven




Friday, August 14, 2015

Stonehenge 8/14/15

Tonight's CRA was another great one, Roxy Music's  first studio album which was released in 1972. Here is an excerpt!  Enjoy, rockers!

Setlist 8/14/15

Mighty Baby - Mighty Baby -- I've Been Down So Long
Montrose - Montrose -- I Don't Want It
Black Sabbath -  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath -- Sabra Cadabra
Jethro Tull - This Was -- Beggar's Farm
Babe Ruth - First Base -- The Mexican
Can - Soundtracks -- Soul Desert
Beacon Street Union - The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union -- Mystic Mourning
Grand Funk Railroad - On Time -- Heartbreaker
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints -- The World's On Fire
Black Pearl - Black Pearl -- Mr. Soul Satisfaction
J Geils Band - Nightmares...And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle -- Gettin' Out
Cactus - Restrictions -- Evil
Steppenwolf - At Your Birthday Party -- Jupiter's Child
The Doors - The Soft Parade -- Shaman's Blues
After Tea - Joint House Blues - You've Got To Move Me
Moby Grape - Single, OST ''Sweet Ride'' -- Sweet Ride (Never Again)
Santana - Abraxas -- Se a Cabo/Mother's Daughter
Fanny - Fanny Hill -- Hey Bulldog
Humble Pie - Rock On -- Shine On
Peter Frampton - Frampton's Camel -- Do You Feel Like We Do
The Butterfield Blues Band - East-West -- East-West
Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink -- Nine Feet Underground
Crank - A Night In The Cave -- Don't Push Me Away
Stray - While You're Down There -- Worldwinds
Allman Brothers Band - Eat A Peach -- Stand Back
Vanilla Fudge -  Near The Beginning -- Some  Velvet Morning
Pentagram - single, 1973 -- Walk In The Blue Light