Friday, July 14, 2017

Stonehenge Setlist 6/30/17

Tonight's show was a fun one, Jen was all alone in the studio but this new rockin lp she got kept her company! Scottish band Tear Gas, 1971 self-titled release. RAWK! Here we go!

Setlist 6/30/17:

Ultimate Spinach - Behold + See -- Mind Flowers
Procol Harum - S/T -- Conquistador
Mott The Hoople - Brain Capers -- Darkness Darkness
The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico -- European Son
Clouds - The Clouds Scrapbook -- The Carpenter
Be Bop Deluxe - Axe Victim -- Axe Victim
Uriah Heep - Demons + Wizards -- Easy Livin'
Night Sun - Mournin' -- Come Down
Nektar - Journey To The Centre Of The Eye -- Prelude/Astronaut's Nightmare
Harumi - Harumi -- Hunters of Heaven
Dark - Dark Round The Edges -- Darkside
Black Sabbath - live 1973 -- Sweet Leaf
Deep Purple - The Book Of Taliesyn -- Listen, Learn, Read On
Sunbirds - S/T -- Spanish Sun
Neu! - Neu! 2 -- Fur Immer
Golden Earring - S/T -- Big Tree Blue Sea
Faces - Long Player -- Had Me A Real Good Time
Budgie - S/T -- Homicidal Suicidal
Brainbox - S/T -- Summertime
Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum -- Summertime Blues
The Iron Maiden - Maiden Voyage -- Falling
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You -- Death Walks Behind You
Yes - Fragile -- Heart Of The Sunrise
Al Stewart - Past, Present, And Future -- Roads To Moscow
Glen Phillips - Lost At Sea -- Dogs
Genesis - Trespass -- Dusk

Stonehenge Setlist 6/23/17

Finding where we put the information for a show can be difficult when you get to a certain age -- check back and we'll have this date updated soon!! 

Stonehenge Setlist 6/16/17

Tonight Chris and Jen rocked it together just like the good ol' days! Jen was so envious of Chris' recent purchase of Cherry Five's only album on vinyl that she too had to buy it, and that is what we played tonight for the classic rock album!! Here's an excerpt, enjoy!

Setlist 6/16/17:

The Sopwith Camel – Sopwith Camel – Frantic Desolation
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Vol III A Child’s Guide to Good and Evil – Watch Yourself
Love – Forever Changes – Maybe the people would be the Times or between Clark and Hilldale
HP Lovercraft – HP Lovecraft – The White Ship
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – The Great Conspiracy – Too Many Do / Living Loving Life
The Paupers – Ellis Island – Southdown Road
13th Floor Elevators – The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators – Thru the Rhythm
Blues Magoos – Psychelelic Lollipop – Gotta Get Away / Sometimes I think about
Philamore Lincoln – The North Wind blew South – The North Wind blew South
Jethro Tull – Aqualung – Cross Eyed Mary
Donovan – Barabajagal – Barabajagal
Harvey Mandell – Baby Batter – One Way Street
Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia – Hooteroll ? – DC-502
Grateful Dead – Working Man’s Dead – Easy Wind
Les Dudek – Les Dudek – Sad Clown
Les Dudek – Say No More – Zorrow Rides Again
Spirit – The Family that Plays Together – I got a line on You
Babe Ruth – Babe Ruth – Dancer
Buffalo Springfield – Again – Mr. Soul
May Blitz – May Blitz – Virgin Waters
Quicksilver Messenger Service – Happy Trails – Mona
Can – Ege Bamyasi – Vitamin C
Syd Barrett – Barrett – Gigolo Aunt
Pink Floyd – A Saucerful of Secrets – Let there be more light
Caravan – In the Land of Grey and Pink – Winter Wine
Eloy – Inside – Inside
The Alan Parsons Project – Tales of Mystery and Imagination – Dream within a Dream / The Raven

Genesis – Foxtrot – Watcher of the Skies

Stonehenge Setlist 6/9/17

Chris flying solo tonight on the show -- boy he has good company with this CRA though! Savoy Brown's 1970 classic 'Raw Sienna'. I've always loved that title. Here's an excerpt and the show playlist to follow!

Setlist 6/9/17:

The Byrds – Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde – This Wheels on Fire
Rotary Connection – Songs – Sunshine of your love
Quicksilver Messenger Service – Revolution, Motion Picture Soundtrack – Babe I’m gonna leave you
Brian Auger – Befour – No time to live
Procol Harum – Broken Barricades – Simple Sister
Edgar Broughton Band – Oora – Exhibits from a New Museum / Green Lights
Wild Turkey – Battle Hymn – Butterfly
Keef Hartley Band – Overdog – Roundabout
Cold Blood – Sisyphus – Funky on my back
Leon Russell – Leon Russell – Roll away the Stone
Deep Purple – Last Concert in Japan – Your keep on moving
Mountain – Nantucket Sleigh Ride –Don’t look around
Nektar – Sunday Night at London Roundhouse – Oop’s (unidentified flying abstract)
Jane – III – Early in the morning
Genesis – From Genesis to Revolution – In the beginning
Glass Harp --= Glass Harp – Can you see me
String Driven Thing – The machine that cried – Heartfeeder
Zephyr – Zephry – Cross the River
Zephyr – Going back to Colorado – See my people / come together
James Gang – Band – Standing in the rain
Alphonse Mouzon – Mind Transplant – Golden Rainbows
Billy Cobham – Spectrum – Quadrant 4
Deep Purple – Come taste the band – Getting Tighter / This time Around / Owed to G
Tommy Bolin – Private Eyes – Shame the Devil
Badfinger – Straight Up – Day after Day
Buddy Miles – Them Changes – Dreams
Santana – Borboletta -- Mirage
Van Morrison – Moondance – Into the Mystic
The Parlour Band – Is a Friend – Springs sweet comfort
Boz Scaggs – Moments – Can I make it last or will it just be over

Friday, July 7, 2017

Stonehenge Setlist 6/2/17

Tonight's show is our tribute to one of the all time Stonehenge favorites - the late Gregg Allman.
The Allman Brothers Band has been a personal favorite of mine from the moment I heard their first lp.  I have had the good fortune to have see The Allman Brothers Band and Gregg many times over the years, so tonight's show will be played with a heavy heart but knowing that Gregg's music lives on.  The Road Goes on Forever !!

Set list 6/2/2017
Band / LP / Song Title

Classic Rock Lp --- Gregg Allman – Laid Back


Allman Brothers Band – Allman Brothers Band – Don’t want you no more / It’s not my cross to bear

Allman Brothers Band – Dreams box set – One Way Out (Winterland 73)

Allman Brothers Band – Win Lose or Draw – Can’t lose what you never had

Allman Brothers Band – Fillmore East – Stormy Monday

Allman Brothers Band – Brothers and Sisters – Wasted Words

Gregg Allman – The Gregg Allman Tour – Double Cross

Allman Brothers Band – Idlewild South – Revival / Don’t keep me wonderin

Allman Brothers Band -- Allman Brothers Band – Black Hearted Woman

Duane and Gregg Allman – Duane and Gregg Allman – Morning Dew

Allman Brothers Band – Brothers and Sisters – Come and go blues

Allman Brothers Band – Dreams box set – Drunken Hearted Boy

Hourglass – Power of Love – Changing of the Guard

Allman Brothers Band – Fillmore East – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Allman Brothers Band – Eat a Peach – Ain’t wastin’ time no more

Second Coming – Dreams box set – I Feel Free

Allman Brothers Band – Eat a Peach – Melissa

Allman Brothers Band -- Allman Brothers Band – Trouble no more

Allman Brothers Band – Brothers and Sisters – Jessica

Gregg Allman – The Gregg Allman Tour – Stand Back

Allman Brothers Band – Dreams box set – I’m gonna move to the outskirts of town (Ludlow Garage)

Allman Brothers Band -- Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post

Gregg Allman – The Gregg Allman Tour – Turn on your lovelight

Allman Brothers Band – Idlewild south – Please Call Home / Leave your blues at home

Allman Brothers Band – Fillmore East – Statesboro Blues / Done somebody wrong

Hour Glass – Power of Love – I Still want your love

Allman Brothers Band -- Allman Brothers Band – Dreams

31st of February – Dreams boxset – God Rest His Soul

Allman Brothers Band – Idlewild South – Midnight Rider


Friday, June 2, 2017

Stonehenge Setlist 5/12/17

Sometimes, here at Stonehenge, we try and dig so deep to find new albums we've never played--that we completely miss a gigantic whopper of a classic. Tonight was one of those moments--wow, how have we never played the amazing eponymous 1967 album by Vanilla Fudge?! We're totally bonkers! Glad to play it for y'all now, though.


Setlist 5/12/17:

Clear Blue Sky - S/T -- My Heaven
McChurch Soundroom - Delusion -- Delusion
Alice Cooper - Pretties For You -- Swing Low, Sweet Cheerio
Allman Brothers Band - S/T -- Dreams
Traffic - Shootout At The Fantasy Factory -- Shootout At The Fantasy Factory
The Nazz - S/T -- Open My Eyes
The Nazz - Nazz Nazz -- A Beautiful Song
The Nazz - Nazz III -- Magic Me
Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Beard Of Stars --Elemental Child
Cream - Disraeli Gears -- Take It Back/Mother's Lament
Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard -- Motherless Children
Aphrodite's Child - 666 -- The Four Horsemen
Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn -- Lucifer Sam
Leafhound - Growers Of Mushroom -- Hip Shaker
Mighty Baby - S/T -- House Without Windows
Bang - S/T -- The Queen
Fever Tree - S/T -- Man Who Paints The Pictures
Tempest - S/T -- Foyers Of Fun
U.K. - S/T -- In The Dead Of The Night
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Expresso II -- Heavy Tune
Jean-Luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean -- Nostalgic Lady
Crack The Sky - Safety In Numbers -- Nuclear Apathy
Gentle Giant - S/T -- Funny Ways
Amon Duul II - Yeti -- Archangel Thunderbird
Message - The Dawn Anew Is Coming -- Changes
Czar - S/T -- Tread Softly On My Dreams
Janus - Gravedigger -- Red Sun
Roy Buchanan - S/T -- John's Blues

Stonehenge Setlist 5/5/17

Dr. Rock flying solo tonight, but there was a full whopping 4 hours of rock, and a great CRA to boot. 1971 classic 'Music To Eat' by Hampton Grease Band, picked out by Chris tonight to say goodbye to the late Colonel Bruce Hampton who passed away earlier this week.

Image result for hampton grease band lp

Setlist 5/5/17:

The Troggs - Wild Thing -- From Home/I Just Sing
The Electric Prunes - Underground -- The Great Banana Hoax
Kensington Market - Avenue Road -- I Would Be The One
Mandrake Memorial - S/T -- Dark Lady
Love - Forever Changes -- Alone Again, Or
Al Kooper - Easy Does It -- Baby Please Don't Go
Spooky Tooth - The Last Puff -- I Am The Walrus
Leslie West - Mountain -- Southbound Train
Derek + The Dominos - In Concert -- Roll It Out
The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out -- Little QueenieTuck
Tucky Buzzard - Allright On The Night -- Last War
Bill Wyman - Monkey Grip -- What A Blow
The Move - Split Ends -- Message From The Country
Electric Light Orchestra - S/T -- 10538 Overture
Electric Light Orchestra - ELO 2 -- From The Sun To The World
Electric Light Orchestra - On The Third Day -- Dreaming Of 4000
Roy Wood - Boulders --  Wake Up/Rock Down Low
Golden Earring - Switch -- Intro: Plus Minus Absurdio/Love Is A Rodeo
David Bowie - Station To Station -- Station To Station
Dr. John The Night Tripper - Gris Gris --  Croker Courtbullion
Dr. John - Babylon -- Black Widow Spider

Stonehenge Setlist 4/28/17

Dr. Rock and Jen back at it again with another full 4 hour show! This week the CRA gets a little heavier with the 1974 classic by Budgie, In For The Kill. Here's a rockin' excerpt, enjoy!


Setlist 4/28/17:

Frijid Pink - S/T -- Boozin' Blues
Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds Of The Western World -- Slow Blues
Rare Bird - Rare Bird -- Beautiful Scarlet
Styx - Styx -- Best Thing
Cactus - One Way Or Another -- Rock N Roll Children
Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes -- Easy To Slip
Little Feat - S/T -- Hamburger Midnight
Crazy Horse - S/T -- Beggar's Day
Grin - Gone Crazy -- What About Me
Santana - Woodstock -- Waiting
Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground -- Hold On I'm Coming
Caravan - Caravan + The New Symphonia -- For Richard
Hawkwind - Astounding Sounds Amazing Music -- Steppenwolf
Message - From Books + Dreams -- Dreams + Nightmares (Dreams)
The Blues Project  - Projections -- I Can't Keep From Crying
The Litter - Emerge -- Little Red Book
Ultimate Spinach - Behold + See -- Jazz Thing
The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat -- Lady Godiva's Operation
Arzachel - S/T -- Clean Innocent Fun
Audience - The House On The Hill -- The House On The Hill
Uriah Heep - The Magicians Birthday -- Sweet Lorraine
The Gun - Gun -- Race With The Devil
Focus - In And Out Of Focus -- Focus I/Black Beauty