Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stonehenge Playlist 10-24-08

We went back to London, 1969 for this week's classic album, the self-titled debut from blues-rockers Juicy Lucy, who were formed from the ashes of the Misunderstood and came out punching with a great album of gruff roughness (with horns).

The band is still going under the guidance of original vocalist Ray Owens, and can be found at http://www.juicy-lucy.com/

Here's a great little video of their top 20 UK hit version of 'Who Do You Love' going around on a turntable.

And here's the rest of the show!

Artist - Album -- Song

  • Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck -- Mrs. Prout
  • Screaming Lord Sutch - And His Heavy Friends -- Flashing Lights
  • Mountain - Avalanche -- Sister Justice
  • Mott the Hoople - Brain Capers -- Death May be Your Santa Claus
  • Atomic Rooster - In Hearing Of -- Head in the Sky
  • Bob Calvert - Captain Lockheed and the Starfighter -- The Widow Maker
  • Ten Years After - Sssh... -- Real Bad Scene
  • Amboy Dukes - Journey to the Center of the Mind -- Surrender to Your Kings
  • The Warlocks - (Dallas) -- Life's a Misery
  • Nightsun - Mournin -- Crazy Woman
  • McKendree Spring - McKendree Spring -- I Should've Known
  • Love - Da Capo -- Seven and Seven Is
  • Sons (of Champlain) - Sons -- Love of a Woman
  • Cat Mother and the Allnight Newsboys - The Street Giveth and The Street Taketh Away -- Track in "A"
  • Camel - Camel -- Mystic Queen

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