Friday, September 30, 2016

Stonehenge Setlist 9/23/2016

This weeks Classic Rock album was the first lp by the British Group Faces.  In North America the LP was credited to the Small Faces.  The album was released only a few months after the Faces had formed from the ashes of the Small Faces (from which Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan hailed) and The Jeff Beck Group (from which Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood hailed.)  But the big news of the night was the return of my Co-host Jen.  So happy to have her back from her travels to the UK - that we let The Kinks welcome her home.

Set list 9/23/2016
Band / LP / Song Title

Black Sabbath - Past Lives -- Hand of Doom
Budgie - Bandolier -- Napoleon Bona Parts 1 and 2
Deep Purple - In Rock -- Bloodsucker
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You -- Tomorrow Night
Brainbox - Brainbox -- Dark Rose
Terry Reid - Bang Bang your're Terry Reid -- Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)
Frumpy - By the Way -- I'm Afraid, Big Moon
Fat - Fat -- Mine Eyes have Seen
Allman Brothers Band - Idlewild South -- Hoochie Coochie Man
Allman Brothers Band - Eat a Peach -- Les Brers in A Minor
Climax Blues Band - Rich Man -- Rich Man
Yes - Close to the Edge -- And You and I
Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees -- Bare Trees
Jethro Tull - Benefit -- Teacher
Hawkwind - Warrior on the Edge of Time -- Assault & Battery / The Golden Void
Genesis - Foxtrot -- Can - Utility and the Coastliners
The Kinks - Kinkdom -- See My Friends
The Kinks - Something Else -- Waterloo Sunset
The Kinks - Are the Village Green Preservation Society -- The Village Green Preservation Society
The Kinks - Arthur (or the decline of the British Empire) -- Mr. Churchill Says
The Kinks - Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround -- Powerman
The Kinks - Muswell Hillbillies -- 20th Century Man
Czar - Czar -- Tread Softly on my Dreams
Mountain - Climbing ! -- Theme for an Imaginary Western
Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink -- Golf Girl
Kevin Ayers - Joy of a Toy -- Girl on a Swing 69
Strawbs - From the Witchwood -- The Hangman and the Papist
Chris Squire - Fish out of Water -- Lucky Seven
Birth Control - Rebirth -- She's got nothing on You

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