Friday, October 28, 2016

Stonehenge Setlist 10/07/2016

Tonight's Classic Rock album was Lucifer's Friend - Where the Groupies Killed the Blues.  Lucifer's Friend was a German band with a British singer - John Lawton.  They formed in Hamburg in 1970  when the German Band Asterix added John Lawton on vocals.  John played with a band called Stonewall who was playing a residency at the famed Top Ten Club in Hamburg when he met the members of Asterix.  Our CRA tonight was their second lp which came out in 1972.

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Set list 10/07/2016
Band / LP / Song Title

Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky -- My Blue Heaven
Kensington Market - Avenue Road -- I Would be the One
Rare Bird - Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet / Symphony
Can - Ege Bamyasi -- Vitamin C
The Seeds - The Seeds -- Can't seem to make you mine
Styx - Styx -- Best Thing
Iron Butterfly - Ball -- In the Time of our Lives
Humble Pie - Smokin -- Hot n' Nasty
Thin Lizzy - Fighting -- Rosalie / For those who love to live
Traffic - Welcome to the Canteen -- Medicated Goo
Steve Hillage - L-- It's all too much
Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure -- Do the Strand
Yesterday's Children - Yesterday's Children -- She's Easy
The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers -- Dolphin Smile
Crosby Nash - Whistling down the Wire -- Time after Time
The Stills Young Band - Long May You Run -- Dancer / Mutiny / 12-8 Blues / Fontainebleau
Colosseum - Daughter of Time -- Bring out your Dead
Atlantis - Atlantis -- Living at the End of Time
Affinity - Affinity -- Three Sisters
Buzzy Linhart - Buzzy -- Sing Joy / Tutti Fruitti
Michael Quatro Jam Band - Look Deeply into the Mirror -- Gypsy Caravan pt 1


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