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Stonehenge Setlist 1/19/18

Tonights Classic Rock Album is the second lp by Queen --- Queen II.  It was released on March 8, 1974.  Instead of the conventional side A and Side B or 1 and 2, they had a Side White and a Side Black.  The album cover was shot by the great British photographer Mick Rock, who also shot most of the great David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust photos.  Queen II went to number 5 on the UK album chart.  Bottom line - this is another classic lp by Queen.

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Setlist 1/19/18
Artist / Album / Song

Elephants Memory – Songs from Midnight Cowboy – Old Man Willow
Leon Russell & Mark Benno – Look Inside Asylum Choir – Thieves in the Choir
Auto Salvage – Auto Salvage – The Great Brain Robbery / Glimpses of the next World’s World
Sea Train – Sea Train – Sea Train
It’s a Beautiful Day – Marrying Maiden – Essence of Now
Emerson Lake and Palmer – Tarkus – The Only Way (Hymn)
Cactus – Cactus – My Lady from South Detroit
Sir Lord Baltimore – Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come
Lucifer’s Friend – Lucifer’s Friend – Ride the Sky
Hawkwind – Warrior on the Edge of Time – Assault and Battery / The Golden Void
Love Scuplture – Blues Helping – Shake your hips
Dave Edmunds – Rockpile – It aint easy
Rare Earth – Get Ready – Get Ready
Burnin Red Ivanhoe – Burnin Red Ivanhoe – Gong Gong the Elephant Song
Gong – Camembert Electrique – You can’ kill me
Kahn – Space Shanty – Break the Chains
Pentagram – Single – Walk in the Blue Light
Thin Lizzy – Fighting – Spirit slips Away
Syd Barrett – Barrett – Baby Lemonade
Brian Auger & the Trinity – Definitely What ! – Bumpin on Sunset
Traffic – Traffic – No Time to Live / Means to and End
Steppenwolf – Early Steppenwolf – the Pusher
Janis Joplin – Pearl – Move Over
Alamo – Alamo – Got to find another way

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